What is health according to the Sally T. methodology?

The Sally T. way of thinking defines health as cellular equilibrium which is achieved through the right lifestyle for your biochemical individuality. It all starts in the cells that make up every part of you, every organ in your body. If some are not functioning properly then, in time, disease will set in.

Health cannot exist outside of cellular equilibrium. Each cell must have all the nutrients, and this includes water, to create the correct environment for it to function optimally. The cell is full of microscopic parts that are essential for the transformation of nutrients into energy necessary to sustain life. Your body is actually designed to constantly seek out biochemical cellular equilibrium. This is refered to as homeostasis.

The amount of energy that your body receives in terms of nutrients is to be translated into energy to be used up by your body. Energy in = energy out. If this does not happen and either too much energy is received for the amount of energy used up or too little energy is received for the amount of energy used up, then your body will experience cellular disequilibrium and eventually physical and perhaps even mental illness will result.

Do you know how unique you are?

Genetically, there is no one like you, not even your identical twin, if you happen to have one. From the moment of conception, the nutritional, genetic, biochemical and environmental factors that you are exposed to create who you are. The Sally T. methodology takes this very much into account. You are seen as a whole, not just someone who is experiencing a whole lot of symptoms.

Any Sally T. wellness programmer will encourage you to look at yourself in this way and will suggest changes that would best suite your genetic makeup and lifestyle. You can experience optimum health. You can get to the point where, when after a good night’s sleep you wake up feeling refreshed, energized and ready to take on the challenges of the day.

Where do you start?

You start by recognizing that you need to do something about your health. For some this is easy because they are in tune with their bodies and quickly can identify when things are not going well. For others this is a lot more difficult. Their body is there to serve them and only when it grinds to a halt do they realise that things are not what they should be. What are you like?

Sometimes this process of recognizing that it is time for intervention can require some courage. Health issues can be the result of physical or psychological difficulties or even trauma. More and more research is showing the intricate relationship between our physical and mental health.

Believe it or not but the state of your gut will have repercussions on the state of your mind. Many of the neurotransmitters needed for optimum brain function are manufactured in your gut. Without adequate amounts of these substances, you can get very depressed or not be able to sleep at night. So, do a quick check. Are you in need of some assistance?

Do a quick self-evaluation. 

If you answer ‘often’ or ‘always’ to any of these questions, then you need to go see a health professional about the issue.