Blood Sugar


Even simple things like a headache, feeling weepy, loss of concentration, fatigue, just to name a few and oh yes, not to forget that common one of food cravings, are all signs of blood sugar imbalance. The most amazing news is that, if the root cause is from low blood sugar, then many of these symptoms can often be easily rectified by changing simple aspects in our diet and even better results are achieved with nutraceutical intervention.


Blood sugar levels:

Maintaining blood sugar levels is of prime importance to good health and for us to be functioning at our best.  Although this metabolic process has been known for many years, it is only now that it is the buzz word.  Keeping blood sugar levels within the parameters needed by our bodies ensures that we function at peak performance.  Optimum blood glucose levels are vital for our brains. Did you know that 25% of our total blood glucose is used by our brains when we are awake?  When we are resting, it can even be as much as 75%.  Because the brain needs glucose so badly, some of the first signs or symptoms of a lack are often emotional or mental ones. See below all the areas that can be affected by a blood sugar imbalalnce.


Sally T. GTF Supreme

Because stabilization of blood sugar levels is of utmost importance, this product provides a variety of nutrients that are crucial in the metabolic processes of glucose metabolism. Deficiencies of any of these nutrients can impair this intricate process. Feedback from a multitude of people has shown the efficacy of this product.

Sally T. Stress Less

Blood sugar that is unstable and oscillates through the day is stressful to our bodies at a cellular and metabolic level. By using this high potency B-Complex improved results are secured.

Sally T. ProFlora Forte

In many instances the lack of the correct bowel flora can impair the functioning of stable glucose levels. By using this product, blood sugar levels are stabilize even more swiftly.


Sally T. On The Run

The best for last! Preparing special foods and hassling that all the correct proportions of each group are catered for is a real mission. For this reason, Sally T. On the Run is a superb product. It is a unique drink which actually gives the feeling of fullness, with very few kilojoules and the bonus is, no planning is needed! Just add water. It can be used as a meal once, twice or even three times per day as well as a snack. It is packaged in a sachet for convenience so can be kept in the briefcase, glove compartment of your car or handbag. With a bottle of water handy, a meal can be had in an instant.

Dietary Suggestions

When keeping blood sugar stable it is essential to eat correctly and timeously. Three low GI meals a day, with carbohydrates and protein, at the correct times are vital. Simple sugars must be cut out and therefore the eating of fruit must be restricted. If the period between meals is too long and hunger is experienced then a snack containing both carbohydrates and protein should be had OR have an Sally T. On the Run. The Sally T. GTF Supreme, Sally T. Casein Hydrolysate, Sally T. Stress Less and Sally T. ProFlora Forte will also all work together to balance your blood sugar.

This graph shows three different blood sugar response. The purple line indicates the glucose levels in the blood of a person who does not experience blood sugar issues. There is a regular flow of between about 110 to 180 mg % of glucose in the blood. This gives the person the energy necessary to go about their daily tasks. The purple line indicates a person who is suffering from extreme blood sugar highs and lows. This person is likely to have severe sugar cravings that are quenched by eating something full of refined sugars. The result is a boost of energy followed by a big dip requiring another ‘fix’ of refined sugar for immediate release from the dip. Unfortunately this scenario can lead to serious metabolic illnesses like diabetes. Then, the green line is of a person who is getting little to no energy from the food they are eating. This is a dangerous situation and needs immediate remediation.