Bowel Cleansing

Believing that the colon is only involved in evacuation and elimination of unwanted food matter, we tend to want to forget that it even exists!

Unfortunately like with all systems (even city sewage), getting rid of waste matter is of utmost importance to the surrounding health and well being of all. Few people consider that many feelings of sub-optimal health could be due to internal sanitation issues.

For many of us we are being poisoned from the inside! Unbeknown to many our health actually starts in our colon.

The bowel is a power house of activity and not an inert tube for evacuation. Did you know that there is about 2.5kg of healthy bowel bacteria that should be camping inside of us and that these bacteria ensure that many other functions in our bodies function at their best, for example: The manufacture of B-vitamins (biotin, niacin, pyridoxine and folic acid)

“I have been amazed over the years of practice how many people are totally unaware of how often they poop and/or what it looks like. Getting rid of our ‘colon waste’ regularly is essential to being healthy. Having a daily bowel function is part of daily hygiene – like brushing teeth. If left unchecked it is like leaving a dirty open dustbin in the kitchen which has been sitting there for days. If no pooping this could be your colon.”

So are we actually constipated?

We need objective measurement so that see whether our pooping is out of line. We will then be able to correct them. Please look at the chart below and choose what relates to you.

Ideally our stools should have the consistency of the Type 4 pattern. Numbers 1 to 3 would indicate constipation with No 1 severe constipation.

General Tips:

It is suggested that a regular bowel function habits be instilled by training the colon to produce a healthy stool after breakfast and/or before leaving for work. Coffee (with caffeine) can assist this function.

Certain foods:

There are certain foods that assist in healthy bowel function. It is suggested that foods with roughage, like legumes (lentils, baked beans, chickpeas), some fruits and vegetables, whole grains (brown rice etc) and even some seeds and natural oils (obtained from fresh sunflower seeds). Ground golden linseed soaked in boiling water overnight are suggested. Overuse of refined, processed foods discouraged as well as an excess of saturated fats.


Sally T. Psyllium Husks

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Psyllium Husks

To assist in normal bowel function the Psyllium Husks provide healthy soluble fibre. Drink sufficient water. This gives bulk to the colon. Dosage can range to 1 – 4 caps – 3x/day when needed.


Sally T. Magnesium Oxide 200mg; 100 Tabs

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Magnesium Oxide:

With constipation peristalsis (movement) of the colon is often sluggish.

Magnesium Oxide increases this action. Adjust dosage to 1 – 4 tabs 3x/day to produce stools of the Type 4 picture on the chart.


Sally T. ProFlora Forte

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ProFlora Forte:

For all bowel irregularities, healthy colonic bacteria must be added. Dosages can range from 1 – 4 caps per day – as required.