Constipation is a very prevalent condition in our Western society. Many people are not aware of the definition of constipation and to assist, a picture of the relevant stools is often useful.

The longer that fecal matter is allowed to stay in the colon (over and above the optimum time necessary for the absorption of nutrients), the more danger of us re-absorbing toxic matter and increasing our levels of discomfort. Ideally our stools should have the consistency of the Type 4 pattern.


Believing that the colon is only involved in evacuation and elimination of unwanted food matter, we tend to want to forget that it even exists! Unfortunately like with all systems (even city sewage), getting rid of waste matter is of utmost importance to the surrounding health and wellbeing of all. Few people consider that many feelings of sub-optimal health could be due to internal sanitation issues. For many of us we are being poisoned from the inside! Unbeknown to many, our health actually starts in our colon. The bowel is a power house of activity and not an inert tube for evacuation. Did you know that there is about 2.5kg of healthy bowel bacteria that should be camping inside of us and that they ensure that many other processes in our bodies function at their best?


Sally T. ProFlora Forte

This high potency probiotic sets the stage for the correct colon ecology. It assists the stomach in producing the correct enzymes and the digestive process in the duodenum. This probiotic should form part of our daily or monthly health hygiene programme.

Sally T. Optimum Digestion

To speed up the process of healing and to relieve unpleasant symptoms associated with this scenario, Optimum Digestion provides the digestive enzymes which will assist in the breakdown of food into small particles. Once the symptoms ease, the dosages and use of this supplement can be reduced and in many cases, phased out altogether and then only used when needed.

Sally T. Stress Less

It is has long been known that digestive enzyme production is often reduced when we are emotionally or physiologically stressed. Moreover the nutrients in this product help the production of the body’s own digestive enzymes. Doing this, the digestive process will be restored and supplementation for this issue can move to the preventative phase.

Psyllium Husks

These tiny seeds are so rich in fibre that they’ve been prescribed for constipation and a wide range of other digestive ailments for more than 500 years.

Magnesium Oxide

As a laxative Magnesium Oxide will increase peristaltic action and when combined with a bulk increasing agent (fibre e.g. psyllium husks) it makes a perfect synergistic working module.

Long term constipation should be treated holistically with increased fibre and selected food choices ensuring more than adequate levels of water intake.


Pure, still water is essential for the healthy functioning of our entire digestive system and is especially important in alleviating constipation. All other caffeinated or sugary carbonated drinks must be eliminated.

The supplements listed below provide vital substances which can ensure healthy digestion with minimal discomfort.

Dietary Suggestions

In many instances the avoidance of wheat products assists with lessening the feelings of bloatedness. This would include eliminating bread, pasta and pizza. Then restricting the intake of refined foods, strong spices and alcoholic drinks has also been shown to be beneficial. Certain drinks like beer, wine, ciders and wine derivatives can aggravate this condition. Even fruit juices and certain fruits can have a negative effect. Being aware of how ones stomach reacts and then restricting the intake of these substances can help to get the stomach functioning normally again. Eating smaller meals more often and ensuring that there is a healthy balance between proteins and carbohydrates on the plate is also important.

If symptoms still persist, if you are passing a very dark stool or vomiting blood, assistance from a medical professional must be sought as soon as possible.

As mentioned before, feeling stressed can also impede the ability of your digestive system to function properly. Find ways of relaxing. Take up a hobby, exercise or visit with friends that help you relax.