Digestive Unhappiness

Gastric reflux or feeling bloated after a meal? We can all relate. These common symptoms are often ignored. These symptoms give an indication that certain factors in the start of our digestive process are amiss. This must be addressed and in many instances, this can be easily rectified.

So, why all the fuss? An antacid will solve the problem, right? Temporary symptom relief is not the answer. It will be disastrous to colonic health and long well being. The root cause of the problems need to be addressed

If food (chyme) is not acid enough when it reaches the next stage of digestion in the duodenum – those specialized enzymes will malfunction – and so the sub standard digestion continues.

For long term health and vitality it is critical that all digestive processes function efficiently. Digestion starts in our mouths with chewing and then our stomachs start the breakdown of proteins with strong acidic enzymes and then moves further down the colon. Further down the colon let’s not forget the constipation and diarrhea.

This too needs to be sorted !! (Read in the Bowel Cleansing section)

The hidden power of healthy gut bacteria. We can have as much as 2.5 kg in our gut!!

80% of bacteria in our gut should be our friendly healthy bacteria. At these levels they provide a multitude of vital reactions. So much so that a healthy gut is literally the corner stone to our health. The list of positive inputs is limitless. For healthy living our gut is the first organ to be addressed.

Addressing the Issue!

General dietary suggestions:

In many instances the avoidance of wheat, wheat products. Restricting the intake of refined foods, fruits juices, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, excess coffee. Eat slowly and relaxed, chewing food well. Stress, tension and our moods affect the digestive process. alcoholic drinks have been shown to be of benefit in alleviating the symptoms.

Stress: Address with lifestyle changes and additions of nutritional intervention. Wise food choices and supplementation. Stress Less.

Supplements to be considered:


Sally T. ProFlora Forte


This high potency probiotic sets the stage for the correct colon ecology. This, in turn, assist the stomach in producing the correct enzymes and assists the digestive process in the duodenum. This probiotic should form part of our daily or monthly digestive health programme.ng this


Sally T. Optimum Digestion 60 Caps

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Optimum Digestion provides the digestive enzymes which will assist in the breakdown of the foods to small particle in the stomach. Once the symptoms ease, the dosages of this supplement can be reduced and phased out all. Then use when needed

Sally T. MSM


(methyl sulfonyl methane) This natural sulphur compound is known to assist reflux and heartburn