First Follow Up Consultation with Sally T. (30 minutes)


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A follow up Consultation can only be booked after you have attended an Initial Consultation.

Once your payment has been confirmed, Cynthia will give you a call to set up your appointment and to complete your follow up questionnaire.
Follow Up


  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Up to 10 days after initial consultation.
  • Feedback on the follow up questionnaire and blood tests
  • Covered by Most Medical Aids

After a week to 10 days of following Sally T.’s treatment protocol, you should be experiencing some positive changes in your health.

These will be discussed and with the feedback from blood tests, the eating plan and or the supplements will be tweaked to further maximise restoration of health and vitality.

Further follow up consultations may be considered.

You will then be able to log onto the calendar and make a booking at your convenience.

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