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GRAB-IT nutritional bars offer you a delicious, wholesome meal with every bite. The proteins have been selected to ensure easy absorption and utilization by the body. They have been scientifically balanced with specialized carbohydrates and fibres. Full of flavour, they make for a healthy treat, snack, pre-work out or post-work out food that does the trick. Energy is stabilized and blood sugar levels controlled. Why bother with ‘blood sugar’? Blood sugar refers to the amount of glucose in our blood stream. Maintaining constant blood sugar levels is of prime importance to good health and for us to be functioning at our best. This contributes to vitality and well-being. All the foods we eat are broken down into glucose, the major energy source. Our brains need a steady supply of glucose (energy) in order to think fast and sharp. This same glucose is needed by our muscles to move, for action and strength. In fact, the entire body needs glucose just to maintain life. Physiology of blood sugar balancing: The type and ratio of the different foods eaten and the size of meals all affect insulin production from the pancreas and the eventual levels of glucose in the blood. Healthy food choices and portions will result in a gentle rise in glucose assisting stable blood sugar. Poor food choices rich in simple carbohydrates will spike glucose levels giving immediate energy but then drop the body like a stone causing huge swings in blood sugar levels. Top performance both mentally and physically need stable blood glucose levels avoiding excessive highs and lows. This is achieved by wise food choices and in some instances nutritional supplementation. When blood sugar levels are too high, insulin rises excessively. This interferes with the fine tuning of our system causing; sugar cravings, weight gain, mood swings and a multitude of other issues. Warranty: All Sally T. Products which are nutritional are non-returnable.

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