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Sally T. On The Run


On the Run meal replacement is designed to supplement a meal or snack, any time, any place. It is available in tubs or in sachets.

Originally designed for people with unstable blood sugar and or unstable glucose levels, its carefully balanced ratios of carbohydrates to proteins, low fat content and, a mixture of fibres provides excellent nutrition at only 500kJ per serving. Its delicious flavours provides a comfortable feeling of satiety allowing you to get to your next meal without having an energy crash. On the Run can be used on its own, as part of a daily menu plan or as base for your favourite smoothie.

If weight control is an issue and the kJ count is an important aspect of a meal then this shake should be mixed with water. If this is not the case then the water can be substituted in part or entirely with milk. This makes for a creamy, pudding like, delectable experience.

If weight control is not an issue, then fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, whey, casein or collagen powders can be added to create a smoothie of your own gastronomic delight.

Suggested uses:
Apart from being used as a convenient meal replacement or snack, it is ideal for the following issues;
– Hypoglycaemic symptoms (low blood sugar)
– Weight control, low kJ diets
– Insulin resistance, both pre and Diabetes Mellitus
– Syndrome X, Metabolic Syndrome.

Who can use it?
On the Run can be used by people of all ages. Portion size must be adjusted in the case of young children and increased if desired for the active person. Proteins in this product are derived from cow’s milk which has been treated and is free of lactose. This makes it highly digestible and absorbable.

It contains milk powder, though lactose free. Gluten and nut free.

Casein caseinate, sodium caseinate, whey protein concentrate, fructose, soluble and insoluble fibres, vegetable oil, glutamine, nature identical flavouring, free flow agent, sea salt, potassium-di-phosphate, ascorbic acid, acesulfame K, sucralose, cocoa powder in chocolate flavour, sodium cyclamate and permitted colour.

– In a shaker, add 2 level 50ml scoops (or one sachet) to 250-300ml of water.
– Give it a good shake and allow to stand for 5 minutes and then enjoy.
– It is ideal for those on the run.
– It can be used for 1 to 3 meals on a daily basis. It has been specially formulated for this purpose.

Storage instructions for best results:
Always store the powder in a cool dry place and ensure the container is well sealed. Consume within 2 months of opening the container. When the product has been mixed, it can be stored in liquid form for up to 24 hour in the fridge or it can be frozen for later use.

All Sally T. Products which are nutritional are non-returnable

Grams Percent Kcal/ kJ
Total weight & kJ of one sachet48g120 kcal/ 500 kJ
Protein15.0 g50%60 kcal/ 250kJ
Carbohydrate12.6 g42%50 kcal/ 210 kJ
Fats/ Oils1.5 g8%10 kcal/ 42 kJ
Fibres – soluble & insoluble11 g

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