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Sally T. Slim ‘n Healthy 600g

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Proteins are supplied in our daily diets, but the quality and absorption can be sub-optimal for the quick absorption and utilization needed especially under stress conditions both physiologically or emotionally and as we age.

Digestive efficiency decreases with age often decreasing from our late 20’s so many folk have decreased enzyme output. Foods especially proteins can then be difficult to digest. Proteins are broken down in the stomach and this can only occur if the digestive juices are at high enough concentrations.

Carbohydrates together with proteins are the best combination for well-being, muscle growth and repair. If protein alone is used then it will go to providing energy instead of focussing on growth and repair.

Suggested uses:
Can be used by all ages at any time, when a low kilojoule meal or snack is required at an affordable price. It tastes delicious and leaves you feeling full. Slim ’n Healthy shakes are the way to go.

In a shaker place 200 ml of cold water. Add a heaped scoop of powder. Shake well and enjoy!

Whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate (from cow’s milk), fibres (soluble and insoluble), Iso-maltulose, fructose, sucrose, palm oil, lecithin, glutamine, permitted flavours, free flow agent, salt, potassium-di-phosphate, ascorbic acid, acesulfame k, sucralose, sodium cyclamate, permitted colour, and cocoa powder (only in chocolate flavour).

Storage instructions for best results:

Always store the powder in a cool dry place and ensure the container is well sealed. Consume within 2 months of opening the container.
When the product has been mixed, it can be stored in liquid form for up to 24 hours in the fridge or it can be frozen for later use.

Contents 45g portion100g
Protein 15g 33g
Carbohydrates 14g 31g
Fat 2g 4g
Fibre 12g 27g
Energy 555 kJ 1235 kJ