Introducing Our Founder

Welcome! You’ve joined a community eager to embrace wise food choices for optimal health. Let’s embark on a journey to discover how to nourish our bodies to their fullest potential.

Hey there! I’m Sally Tarlton, a dedicated advocate of wellness, employing an Integrative Medical approach to transform health through food and nutritional supplements. As a better than qualified Dietitian, Nutritionist, and scientist with 40 years in the health and nutrition arena, I’ve witnessed incredible transformations in thousands of patients through tailored nutritional strategies.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve championed the power of supplements, creating my own line initially for use in my private practice. These scientifically crafted formulations cater to unique patient needs, and witnessing their health improve with such interventions is a constant source of inspiration.

My life experiences as a mother, grandmother, and a resilient individual who has navigated life’s varied challenges, infuse my work with empathy, resilience, and a profound love for life that I eagerly share with others.

Many of us lack the vitality and well-being we deserve. Our wonderfully designed bodies often suffer from poor health, diminishing our energy and drive. Remember, wellness is a lifelong journey with its highs and lows.

Nutrition is fundamental to our body’s functioning – affecting our energy, mood, sleep, immune system, and much more. Embracing wellness is a learning process. We are all biochemically unique, and what benefits one might not work for another. This individuality is crucial in our health journey.

Often, a specific trigger can transform one person’s health but not another’s. Acknowledging our individuality is a key starting point.

Observing the transformative impact of nutritional adjustments on people’s lives is both a game-changer for them and a significant motivator for me. It’s a joy to help others discover their healthiest selves.

What fuels my passion? It’s the remarkable transformation of physical health through nutrition. Watching symptoms fade and lives improve with better health is not just my job, but my passion. After years in this field, the body’s resilience and capacity for change continue to amaze me.

My approach is holistic, considering the body as an interconnected system. We are integrated beings, where one aspect of our health impacts another, encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Making a Positive Impact in a Stressful World

In our fast-paced, often stressful world, creating a positive impact on people’s health journey is important to me. Observing the remarkable resilience and adaptability of individuals in their daily struggles has deeply influenced my approach as a Dietitian, Nutritionist and health motivator. Witnessing the stress of the human body’s limits; Which calls out for dynamic nutritional input and change and then watching the person’s health turn around is a timeless wonder.

Knowing the profound effect fine- tuned nutritional input can have on a person’s energy, well-being and mental health empowers me to urge people to take charge of their health and seek professional input if required.

A Personal Journey of Resilience

My journey into the world of nutrition began in my teens, a path that fortified me for the unforeseen challenges ahead. In 2003, I experienced a pivotal moment. The loss of my beloved husband to a swift-moving brain tumor, a man who had never known sickness, left me facing a mountain of emotional and practical hurdles.

This ordeal wasn’t just about losing my life partner; it was an upheaval of mental and emotional stability. The aftermath of my husband’s illness left me both physically and mentally drained, turning everyday tasks into overwhelming obstacles.

During this time, I endured a profound period of adrenal exhaustion. The path to recovery was long and arduous, taking months, even years, to rediscover my former self. Despite its difficulty, this experience deepened my understanding and practical knowledge of ongoing stressor’s effects – its capacity for harm and the potential for recovery through precisely tailored nutritional support. This period of my life fostered a profound empathy, enabling me to truly comprehend the trauma others face in their lives.

Empathy in Practice

This personal journey gave me an in depth understanding on the difficulties on getting on top of life’s traumas. It enriched my practice with a greater understanding of our human frailty. Now, when I listen to my patients, I do so with a heart that understands pain and a mind that recognizes the need for holistic healing.

This experience has taught me the importance of understanding and embracing the difficulties that people go thru and that it is not that easy to just “pull yourself together”. We all need assistance and understanding at times. Someone coming along side and connecting with us. This is not a weakness and is a healing component in our health journeys.

A Vision for Health and Fulfillment

I am passionate about helping others rediscover their optimal health which translates to their their love for life a natural overflow of feeling well and energized. and themselves. By achieving optimal health through personalized nutritional guidance and lifestyle changes, we can embrace our goals an dreams and fullfill our life’s ambitions. full selves — mentally, physically, and spiritually. My vision is for everyone to live their best dreams, even in the most trying times.

Join the Journey

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey with SallyT ? Let’s start now and explore the path to a healthier life. Then being more energized to do what we enjoy. filled with joy, health, and fulfillment. I am passionate about helping others rediscover their love for life. and themselves. By achieving optimal health through personalized nutritional guidance and lifestyle changes, we can embrace our full selves — mentally, physically, and spiritually. My vision is for everyone to live their dr