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Mental and emotional performance are important factors in overall well-being and success.

Mental health can affect cognitive abilities, decision-making, and coping skills; all of which can impact work performance, productivity, and attendance.Poor mental health can lead to absenteeism, lost productivity, and decreased work quality.

Conversely, good mental health can improve work performance, build resilience, and protect against burnout.Emotional intelligence is also important for effective management of relationships, stress, and conflict.

The right supplements and eating plan can improve and stabilise your overall mental and emotional outlook. This can lead to more positive relationships, increased productivity, and improved work-life balance.


Sally T. Stress Less

Stress Less is a high potency B-complex formulation with added stress busters to boost the body’s ability to handle the effects of stress whilst simultaneously reducing stress symptoms and lethargy.

These nutrients have been selected to boost and support the adrenal glands during a stressful situation whether emotional, mental, physical, and chemical and even spiritual which affects the cellular homeostasis of cells. Thus the negative physiological effects of stress are reduced.

This scientific formula has been used over the years and has shown to be effective in dealing with the specific negative biochemical effects experienced during “distress.” Vitamin C, Pantothenic Acid, Magnesium, and Calcium, are nutrients required in much larger concentrations during stressful situations and especially when prolonged for an extended period of time. The other B vitamins are also required in higher amounts and some of these are used as co-factors in the metabolic process. Amino acid requirements are also increased in stress conditions.

Suggested uses that it can be helpful for:

– All stressful situations
– Busy lifestyles
– Boost adrenals
– Before, during and after stressful event
– Excessive exercise

Sally T. L-Tyrosine

Tyrosine is an amino acid and a precursor of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine, which regulate mood, assists in the manufacture of thyroxine and brain function among other things.

A lack of adequate amounts of tyrosine leads to a deficiency of norepinephrine in the brain, which in turn can result in depression.

It can suppress the appetite which then may assist in reducing body fat.

It aids in the production of melanin (the pigment responsible for skin and hair colour) and in the functions of the adrenal, thyroid and pituitary glands.

Suggested uses:
– Stress reduction
– Individuals suffering from anxiety
– Depression
– Weight Loss
– Allergies
– Headaches
– Withdrawal from drugs
– Parkinson’s disease
– Thyroid hormones

Sally T. L-Methionine 500mg; 90 Caps

Methionine is a valuable nutritional compound that is of multiple benefits for the body.

In Europe, doctors have been using it with excellent results to treat depression, inflammation, liver diseases, and certain muscle pains. Meat, fish, eggs and dairy products are all excellent sources of methionine.

Vegetarians can obtain methionine from whole grains, but beans are a relatively poor source of this amino acid.

Adding L-methionine in supplemental form is inexpensive and can make a radical difference to achieving optimum metabolic and bodily functioning.

L-Methionine may be used to help with:
– Natural liver detoxing, especially heavy metals and lead
– Mood stabilization and depression
– Muscles to move and perform in athletics and body building activities
– Improving creatine levels by supplying energy or boosting levels in the muscles so they can vigorously move during intense workouts and training
– Effectively metabolising fats
– The effective fat or lipid metabolism which significantly aids in weight control and in the possible prevention of cardiac disease
– Processing fats in the liver (lipid metabolism), which prevents fatty liver disease
– Effectively neutralise toxins in the liver by increasing glutathione levels
– Naturally supporting cellular health with its powerful antioxidant activities as it fights free radicals which cause cell damage and or cell death. (Optimum cellular health is essential in reversing the early signs of ageing and the development of degenerative or aging-related diseases.)
– Reducing estrogen dominance
– Choline deficiency which can be caused by a deficiency of L-Methionine. (It has been confirmed that there are certain nutrients sometimes called lipotropic agents, which are peculiarly effective in promoting the bodily production of lecithin. Three substances of this group are methionine, choline and inositol)

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