Achieve and Maintain Your Ideal Weight with Sally T!

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If you’ve been on a weight loss merry-go-round for a while, you will know the frustrations of losing some weight only to find it creeping back on, plus more, over time.

Your journey to achieving & maintaining your ideal weight starts here

Our bodies are so finely designed that if we were to eat just a few extra mouthfuls of food every day – over and above our kilojoule requirements – we would gain 2-4 kg in a year.

Our bodies are not designed to be overweight; It strains our whole system – and even our brains! Yes, research is now showing that Alzheimer’s is more prevalent in overweight people. So besides our joints, heart and the implications to our whole system, our power house which controls all functions – our brain, is also affected. 

Our bodies have amazing feedback mechanisms and control elements which, when everything is working at optimum levels, prevent this from occurring. Often, these systems have malfunctioned, and we need additional support to come back into optimal weight balance.

Once we have made the commitment to lose, and keep the excess weight off, we need to notice where our weight gaining habits lie. Our self discipline is needed to only eat foods that support our healthy weight, in addition to the right supplements,  and oftentimes, the support of a caring nutritional specialist.

Sally T.'s highly effective supplements support healthy weight loss. We also run a 12 week clinically supported programme, which offers community support, meal plans, ongoing support and guidance, in addition to effective weight loss supplements.

Sally T. Irvingia Gabonensis 400mg

Studies have shown that Irvingia Gabonensis significantly reduces body fat in obese subjects versus placebo by activating leptin, a natural hormone in weight control. The soluble fibre found in the seed is bulk-forming and assists in suppressing the appetite. Due to it delaying the emptying of the stomach, it leads to a more gradual absorption of dietary sugar. Elevation of blood sugar levels, often typical after a meal, are stabilized by delaying the emptying of the stomach and causing a more gradual breakdown of foods. It is also known as the African Mango.
Suggested uses: – Weight loss – Stabilizing blood sugar levels – Lowering total cholesterol and LDL and increasing HDL cholesterol – Reducing C-reactive protein (C-RP) which is an indicator of the level of inflammation in the body.

Sally T. GTF Supreme

Blood glucose control has been an important line of treatment for the last 30 to 40 years as many physiological and emotional symptoms are rooted in the disequilibrium of blood sugar levels.

Suggested uses:
– Weight loss
– Fatigue, poor energy levels
– Leaky gut syndrome
– Liver detoxification
– Assists in stabilizing mood swings
– Cravings and addictions
– Boosts immune system
– Stress
– Hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar)
– Diabetes

Let’s look at each ingredient in GTF Supreme

This is one of the major fuels for the brain and has been shown to enhance mental performance, memory and stabilize moods. It has also been shown to curtail addictive tendencies. Being a specific fuel for the colon it assists in healing of the gut and ensuring a healthy ecology.
Chromium picolinate helps to balance insulin and blood sugar levels, normalize hunger and reduce cravings. A simple deficiency in chromium can begin a powerful cycle of excess insulin release followed by insulin-related cravings and weight gain as well as blood sugar and heart-related problems. Diets high in refined carbohydrates (sugars, flours, fats, processed foods) can produce a chromium deficiency as they increase the rate at which chromium is excreted in the urine. Emotional and physical stress as well as extremes in activity can also deplete our bodies of chromium. Chromium levels decrease with age and the older we get, the more our bodies appear to need higher chromium requirements.
Pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) has an important role in brain function and is used as a co-factor in a multitude of physiological reactions in the body. A deficiency can therefore cause wide-ranging problems.
Magnesium is one of the most versatile minerals being involved in over 300 reactions in the body and its importance cannot be over-emphasized especially bearing in mind that it is deficient in much of the soil in South Africa. Important functions are the protection against heart disease, irregular heartbeat and essential for energy production. Of particular interest to the carbohydrate addict is the fact that magnesium stores are dependent on insulin action and the higher your insulin levels and insulin resistance, the lower your natural stores of magnesium are likely to be. Diabetics have significantly lower levels of magnesium. Low levels of magnesium are also found in hyperinsulinaemia. Excess levels of insulin might be responsible for the magnesium depletion observed in various hyperinsulinaemic states, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, hypertension and obesity.
Potassium enables nutrients to move into, and waste products to move out of, cells. If glucose is to be used, it has to cross the cell membranes into the cell substance itself. To do this, insulin and potassium are required. Potassium supplements improve insulin sensitivity, responsiveness and insulin secretion in diabetics assisting in constant energy levels. Potassium also helps maintaining fluid balance in body and is depleted by alcohol, sugar, diuretics, laxatives, stress

Sally T. Slim ‘n Healthy 600g

Overall health can be improved when a product of this calibre is consumed. Excellent weight loss can also be achieved by this “Meal in a Glass”

Only high-grade, easily absorbed proteins and carbohydrates are used combined with a range of unique fibres which promote satiety and assist in the stabilization of blood sugar and insulin levels, all essential to long-term successful weight loss.

This unique, scientifically-formulated meal-replacement  has specific ratios of the macro-nutrients and raw materials for optimal effect.

The selected proteins are easily absorbed into the bloodstream, which is of utmost importance in sustaining energy levels. The carbohydrate has a low glycemic index which assists with blood sugar control.

There is a combination of four different fibres, both soluble and insoluble – providing 1/3 of the recommended daily dietary requirement. This ideal combination provides a low kilojoule, nutrient dense product with a low glycemic index.

It is ideal for the following issues;

– Hypoglycemia symptoms (low blood sugar)
– Weight control, low kJ diets
– Insulin resistance, both pre and Diabetes Mellitus
– Syndrome X, Metabolic Syndrome


Sally T. Stress Less

Stress Less is a high potency B-complex formulation with added stress busters to boost the body’s ability to handle the effects of stress whilst simultaneously reducing stress symptoms and lethargy.

These nutrients have been selected to boost and support the adrenal glands during a stressful situation whether emotional, mental, physical, and chemical and even spiritual which affects the cellular homeostasis of cells. Thus the negative physiological effects of stress are reduced.

This scientific formula has been used over the years and has shown to be effective in dealing with the specific negative biochemical effects experienced during “distress.” Vitamin C, Pantothenic Acid, Magnesium, and Calcium, are nutrients required in much larger concentrations during stressful situations and especially when prolonged for an extended period of time. The other B vitamins are also required in higher amounts and some of these are used as co-factors in the metabolic process. Amino acid requirements are also increased in stress conditions.

Suggested uses that it can be helpful for:

– All stressful situations
– Busy lifestyles
– Boost adrenals
– Before, during and after stressful event
– Excessive exercise

Sally T. Psyllium Husks

Odourless and nearly tasteless, psyllium comes from the small, reddish brown to black seeds of the Plantago psyllium plant (plantain). These tiny seeds are so rich in fibre that they’ve been prescribed for constipation and a wide range of other digestive ailments for more than 500 years. These seeds, so tiny they are sometimes called ‘flea’ seeds, are generally dried, ground and sold in powder form. Psyllium is sometimes added to breakfast cereals.

Suggested uses that it may assist with: – Constipation, diarrhoea – Diverticular disease – Irritable bowel syndrome – Prevention of gallstones – Haemorrhoids – Lowering cholesterol – Normalizing colon ecology – Bulk stool formation