Your Summer Survival Kit

Here’s to your good health.

I hope you have plans to relax and recharge at the end of this year. It’s been another high-intensity year for sure!

Whether it’s a stay-cation or a seaside getaway that you have planned, we’re here to support your optimal well-being throughout your holiday season.

We’ve put together a Summer Survival Supplement Guide that will help you through all the common holiday challenges, from Stress through to Sunshine and everything in between. Read on to make the most of your year-end Me Time.



The holiday season always seems like it’s going to be a deep out-breath, but often times it’s packed with its own stressors – intense family time (or no family at all), festive preparations, gift shopping and crowds of people.

Here are the best supplements to keep you smiling as you allow yourself to truly wind down:

1. Feed your nervous system with a powerful Vitamin B-Complex; Sally T.’s Stress Less.  
2. Sally T.’s GTF will keep your blood sugar stable so you can avoid those energy dives.
3. Boost every cell in your body with Sally T.’s Magnesium Complex, Co-Enzyme Q10 and D-Ribose so you feel vitalized and ready for the fun and memories that await you.


If you’ve been locked up in an office all year long, the holiday season gives you a chance to get your full dose of Vitamin D in our South African sunshine. Here’s how to make the most of our outdoor summer lifestyle while staying healthy.

1. If you get a bit too much sun, take Sally T.’s Vitamin A & Zinc, it helps take away the burn and redness.
2. Top up the Zinc with Sally T. Zinc Gluconate to ensure cellular protection throughout the holiday.
3. Soak up Magnesium through your skin by spending time in the seawater which is rich in magnesium. Let the seawater dry off naturally without drying yourself with a towel.
4. Don’t fuss about meals; save money and be healthy. Stock up on Sally T.’s On the Run or Slim ‘n Healthy shakes. Prepare them with either milk or water depending on your caloric needs. Plus the children will love you for this delicious milky drink. Mix your shakes up and keep them in the cooler bag. This will keep your family away from junk food temptations.
5. Beat Summer Sun Herpes with Sally T’s L-Lysine powder. Take it at the first tingly sign of the virus or take it as a precaution to avoid that nasty sore.
6. Hydration, hydration, hydration in the sun is essential. Water on its own is not enough. Take Sally T.’s Cramp Relief to ensure that you have all the minerals and salts you need to hydrate effectively.


Sometimes you just want to let your hair down, relax and get into the spirit of the festive season. This year, help your liver recover and your body get back into equilibrium with these essentials:

1. Sally T.’s Milk Thistle and NAC are powerful liver detoxers that your liver cannot do without. Protect and restore your liver!
  2. Sally T.’s GTF and Magnesium Complex will help you get your energy back by stabilizing your blood sugar and revitalizing every cell in your body after overindulging.
3. Drinking enough water is essential at this time. Alcohol dehydrates the body and as you reintroduce water into the system, you begin to feel better.


If you’re a Festive Foodie, you won’t have to hold back on all the delicious goodies if you have the support of these Sally T. supplements.

1. You can enjoy all the richness this season has to offer while supporting your digestive system with Sally T.’s Optimum Digestion. It provides the digestive enzymes necessary to help break down food so that it can then be more easily assimilated. 

2. Add a daily dose of Sally T.’s ProFlora Forte probiotics and your digestive system will make it through the season in good health. Proflora Forte is a high-potency probiotic supplement. It assists in the promotion of natural intestinal flora which helps in maintaining healthy digestive function.


Sometimes our brains have been working so hard and have been constantly stimulated that it becomes difficult to switch off and get some well-earned rest!

Taken at night, an hour before sleeping, these products can really help the brain calm down and allow you to sleep peacefully; Sally T.’s L-Theanine, GABA Complex, Ashwagandha and Magnesium Complex.

Be blessed and rest!