Weight Loss

Weight loss is the talk in nearly every social group, in articles and advertising campaigns. Weight issues have been ongoing for years with weight loss quick fixes being more than a billion $ industry in the USA alone. The excess weight gain has become exponentially worse with every passing year.

Excessive weight gain is totally preventable with addressing the core reasons which have made us overeat in the first place, correcting food choices and by correcting nutritional deficiencies or sub optimal levels of nutrients

The Main Issues

The main issues that have changed in the last 40 years are

The availability of processed and convenience foods
Reduced home cooking
Foods being depleted of nutrients
Unwise food choices
Ongoing issue of stress, pollution
Sedentary lifestyle.

Ideal Body Weight

But when we think of losing weight what should we be considering? What should we be aiming for with weight loss? The answer is simple; our ideal body weight. And how do we find out what our ideal weight is? We go to a health practitioner that has equipment that will give us our Body Mass Index. This will tell us exactly how much water, muscle and fat we are composed of and what our ideal body weight is taking our age and body type into account. Machines like the Quad Scan and the Bodystat offer this kind of information. Getting on the scale at home will not tell you if you are carrying excess water but the Quad Scan will. Women can sometimes be carrying 2 – 3kg of excess water.

Common Causes

Overindulgence and Too Little Exercise:

Food is very gratifying and food that is rich in fat is particularly enjoyable and satiating. We can get hooked on the pleasure that food offers us. But too much of a good thing can lead to serious complications. As mentioned before excess weight gain is a result of; eating too much of the wrong foods, too little exercise and loss of control over food choices.  The bottom line is that we can ALL lose weight by looking at where we fall down.

The Genetic Profile:

Without a doubt though there are some people who gain weight more quickly than others.  They have certain genetic profiles where with constant overeating weight gain is more rapid.  We need to look at ourselves as biochemical and biogenetical individuals living with unique environmental factors and see what the triggers are for each of us.  A comprehensive long lasting solution to excess weight must be tailored for our unique physical, mental, emotional and environmental selves. Once we have done this then constant vigilance is required until this new way of being becomes second nature. One has to become aware of the traps; marketing, convenience foods, fatigue, laziness, hormonal imbalance and lack of discipline. These and more traps are what can drag us back to square one.


Stress plays a massive part in weight gain. For some overeating started with stressful situations. Eating certain foods is very comforting. This has been proven metabolically that certain foods can, without a doubt, affect our brain waves and calm us down or hype us up.

Nutritional Deficiencies:

Some of us have nutritional deficiencies and until they are corrected weight control will be ineffectual.


When women reach menopause weight gain can suddenly become an issue. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may then need to be considered. This should be done with the assistance of a health professional who is well versed in using bioidentical hormones.


Often after pregnancy, women can retain some weight gained during gestation. It is best to breastfeed and try to get back to ideal weight as soon as possible.

Blood Sugar Control:

Blood sugar control is a basic element that must be stabilized for effective weight loss as this can also be one of the trigger factors which caused imbalance.

It is recommended that the issue of weight gain be tackled at its roots in order to stop the ‘rot’ from setting in once and for all?  It can be done.


The 'Apple Look'

Weight gain is a problem but weight gain above the waist creating the ‘apple’ look is of particular concern.
This form indicates that the body’s chemistry is dominated by androgens which are male hormones. As a result, fat is stored deep in the body and surrounds all the internal organs; heart, liver, kidneys and intestines.

This puts these at a high risk of diseases like:

  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure, stokes and heart diseases
  • Increased inflammation of the body which is an indicator of potential illness
  • Higher stress
  • Higher risk of certain cancers
  • Respiratory issues like apnoea, pulmonary hypertension
  • Skeletal problems with joints having to bare the strain of moving while carrying the weight.

If your weight gain presents like this then please see a health professional. Loosing just 10% of your body mass can assist in avoiding some of these serious life threatening diseases.

Gradual Weight Gain

For some folk it is a gradual weight gain of a few kilos per year – if this continues exponentially soon obesity can be a real issue!  For others excessive weight gain can occur after and/or during excessive stressful situations – whether emotional or physical.


Weight Gain and the Effects on the Brains

Our bodies are not designed to be overweight; It strains our whole system – and even our brains! Yes, research is now showing that Alzheimer’s is more prevalent in overweight and obese people! So besides our joints, heart and the implications to our whole system, our power house which controls all functions – our brain, is also affected. Our bodies are very finely tuned and designed that if we were to eat a few extra mouthfuls of food every day – over and above our kilojoule requirements – we would by the end of the year have gained 2-4 kg.

Our bodies have amazing feedback mechanisms and control elements which, when everything is working at optimum levels, prevent this from occurring.

But, we are not puppets who have no control. We can take stock of the situation, be disciplined and seek out healthy answers and alternatives to keep our bodies at our ideal weight.


Take Control:

Stop. Think. Take control. Losing weight once and for all is achievable. Search for your own particular trigger factors which caused the weight to become unbalanced in the first place. The most important things to remember are:

  • Always aim to stabilize blood sugar levels
  • Ensure adequate nutritional intake for you personally because we are all biochemically individual and unique.
Eatn Right, Not Less:

Just cutting kilojoules and trying to eat ‘nothing’ without tackling the issue scientifically and sensibly is a waste of time and money besides being detrimental to our body composition and well being. Not eating enough makes your body break down muscle to give it energy to function but your fat content remains the same. Persisting on a very low kilojoule intake will eventually cause your body to go into ‘starvation mode’. At this point, anything eaten is stored as fat in order to protect the body from starvation.

Losing 1kg /week through a personalised diet plan is very achievable without stressing our lifestyles or bodies excessively.

Eating right is key and sometimes eating more of the correct foods will be the answer. As we treat our bodies right and with respect we will enjoy a life of health and energy.

Sally T. Irvingia Gabonensis

It is known to improve leptin sensitivity so that less hunger is experienced and less food consumed. Leptin is a hormone that inhibits food intake in people of normal body weight by reducing the hunger signals from the brain. Obese individuals often become leptin resistant due to an over production of this hormone. Irvingia may also help stabilize blood sugar levels by delaying stomach emptying. It can increase adiponectin (a hormone secreted by fat cells) which promotes insulin sensitivity as well as having an anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefit.


Sally T. On The Run

It can be used as a meal once, twice or even three times per day as well as a snack. It is packaged in a sachet for convenience. Have a bottle of water handy and a meal can be had in an instance. A unique drink which actually gives the feeling of fullness, with very few kilojoules and no planning. The best for last!

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Blood glucose control has been an important line of treatment for the last 30 to 40 years as many physiological and emotional symptoms are rooted in the disequilibrium of blood sugar levels.